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The Skjeldrum House

Accommodation in Ekkerøy

Normally we are renting out one country house and two cabins in the fishing village of Ekkeroy.

However, due to the Covid-19 virus, the country house is not available for renting during the rest of the year of 2020. From March 2020 most bookings for the country house were cancelled. Instead we started doing some repair work on the house and this work will continue during the rest of this year. The country house will only be available for booking starting from January 2021.

You are most welcome to make bookings for our cabins.
The house is situated in a cluster of houses called Vaeret and the cabins are in Nesset, by the harbour. You can see pictures from the area.

The country house is called the Skjeldrum House and has been used for living all year round and have all facilities, like bathroom with cold/hot water, shower and water closet, there is also sauna and a well equipped kitchen.

Please see the information about our country house and cabins; further description, prices and contact information, and find out if you want to rent a cabin in Ekkeroy this summer or a country house in 2021.
Houses with timber from Russia Ekkeroy was one of the very few villages in the County of Finnmark, which was not burnt down during the Second World War. The country houses in the village are mainly built at the beginning of the 20th century (from 1900 and onwards) and several houses are considered to be worthy of protection.

Before the Russian Revolution an extensive trade took place with Russians. The Russians sailed with their vessels and bartered their timber and flour for fish from the Norwegians. Some of the houses in Ekkeroy have Russian timber inside its walls and you may also see details on the houses, which is influenced from Russian architectural tradition.

Living amidst the village When staying in a country house or a cabin in Ekkeroy you will have an excellent starting point to explore the nature, the village, the local museum, the old defence positions from the Second World War, the great bird rock or various birds on the beaches.

In the summer time the restaurant Havhesten is open and you may enjoy a good meal made from local food resources and also beer, wine and liquor. Copyright © Ekkerøy AS 2002-2020
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