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Bird watching

Amongst bird watchers the Varanger fjord is rather well known for having a rich bird life with a great variety in different species. Some are rare birds for the arctic region. Here you can see the King Eider on the picture to the left and purple sandpiper to the right. The King Eiders are mostly here during the winter months and into the months of March and April, then they travel further east, together with the Steller's Eiders. The purple sandpiper is loyal to Ekkerøy and you may find it running on the beaches all year round. The Ekkerøy bird rock is close to the village and has some 40.000 kittiwakes.

You may observe a lot of different ducks, like goosander, hairy crown, long-tailed duck; razor-billed auk, common guillemot and Brünnich's guillemot, puffin and diffrent kinds of cormorants. Also wading birds like curlew, triell, bar-tailed godwit and birds from the sandpiper family. The sea eagles also live here and if you are patient you may observe some owls like snowy owl and Tengman's owl. From March/April and onwards the days are long and in May the midnight sun is here, making the bird watching to a very special and unique happening.

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