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Skjeldrum House

The Skjeldrum House is situated in a cluster of country houses called Vaeret. The Skjeldrum House has a view towards south and the bay outside Ekkeroy. It is only 100 meters to the south south beach at Ekkeroy. Behind the house there is a garden walk going directly to the norht beach, popular for bird watching

This house was built in the lastest years of the 1890-ies, but has been renovated several times over the years.
The house is insulated for use also in the winter season and is electrically heated. In the living room there is an open fireplace just for giving some extra warmth and a cosy atmosphere.

The country house is fully furnished and fully equipped with electric oven, refrigerator with a small freezer, micro-wave oven, coffee machine and tea boiler. The rental is based on self catering.
On the ground floor there is kitchen, living room, bathroom, WC and a sauna.

The upper floor has 2 bedrooms, one with a double bed and the other with 3 single beds. There is also possible to rent an extra bed in a passage going from the staircase to one of the bedrooms. Click on the "Next" button to the left, to see pictures of the rooms.
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The house is available for rental not only in summer time, but throughout the full year.

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