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Old stone fences

About Ekkerøy

Ekkeroy is one of the eldest fishing villages in the county of Finnmark. While elsewhere in the Varanger fjord there were typical old Lappish settlements, Ekkeroy was one of the Norwegian villages. The villagers' means of support was a combination of fishing and farming. There are about forty inhabitants in Ekkeroy today.

As the name reveals the place was originally an island, but gradually it was possible to go dryshod by low tide to the mainland. The nature itself has created a tongue of land with nice sand beaches on each side.

In Ekkeroy there is a quite big bird rock, click on the word on the menu to the left.

Ekkerøy during 2nd world war During World War II the Germans built defensive works on Ekkeroy to secure the entrance to the Varanger fjord. During the last phase of the war, in the autumn of 1944, the Germans were forced back from the Litza front (Russia) and Kirkenes by Russian soldiers.

The Russians advanced so quickly that the Germans on the north side of the Varanger fjord panicked in order to secure themselves on the west side of the Tana River. As a result of this they had no time to burn the houses. Elsewhere in Finnmark county they took their time to burn down people's houses and other buildings. Ekkeroy is one of few places in the county where pre-war houses still can be seen.

Museum On Nesset in Ekkerøy Vadsø Museum has restorated the old Kjeldsen fish plant, with pier in the sea, cod-liver oil cooker and country store from the time when there were lively fisheries here.

The museum is open during the summer time. See more information on the Kjeldsen plant and the museum here. Telephone: (+47) 7894 0010 | Address: Skogholtet 9, N-9800 VADSŲ
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