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Ekkerøy and the North side of the Varanger fjord is excellent for kiting.The low and flat terrain is well suited for stable winds whatever direction they come from.

Kiting on sea
Ekkerøy has two fine sand beaches, one towards south and one towards north. This means greater flexibility as from what direction the wind is coming. Both beaches are well suited for kiting. The temperature in the sea is not very high, but with a proper suit you can have a nice experience.

Kiting on snow
During winter time the condition is often excellent for kiting on snow. Great parts of the nature has no trees, bushes or big stones, making it possible to concentrate fully on the kiting. The season starts in January, when daylight is coming to the region and can last into the month of May. The distance from a road to a suitable kiting terrain is short. For the last five years the world' longest-in-distance kiting competetion has been arranged on the Varanger Peninsula. The competition takes place during March/April, see more info on Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro (VAKE). Copyright © Ekkerøy AS 2002-2020
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