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The Bird Rock
Bird rock with kittiwakes

The bird rock and Ekkerøy nature reserve

The bird rock Flåget is situated on the outskirts of the village, and here about 20 000 pairs of seagulls/kittiwakes. The bird rock lies south-oriented towards the Varanger fjord and is a cliff that rises steeply 40-50 metres from the sea. The bird rock has a length of 1 km and is easy to get at - about 100 metres from a small car park.

The kittiwakes arrive at Flåget in March and lay eggs in May. When the laying of eggs is at its peak, you can see local people pick eggs using a long pole. The kittiwakes leave the bird rock in September.

In order to take care of the bird rock and the rich bird life in Ekkeroy a nature reserve has been established. Here you can watch a various choice of wading birds that are to be found on the beaches of the peninsula of Ekkerøy.

There are big colonies of eider ducks, and during the period from January to April you can observe the beautiful king eider and Steller's eider in the harbour. Several very rare species of birds have been seen in Ekkerøy.

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