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Sea Fishing Sea-Gulls abowe


Fresh water fishing
Ekkerøy is a fine starting point when going on trips for fresh water fishing in lakes and rivers. It is The Property of the Finnmark Estate (Finnmarkseiendommen, or FeFo for short) that administraste the fresh water fishing regime in almost all of Finnmark County. You will find more info here:

Fishing for salmon in the rivers
There are several rather good salmon rivers quite near: Eastwards towards Vardø there are the rivers Skallelva (19 km) and Komagelva (30 km).

Westwards there is Vestre Jakobselv (32 km). Somewhat further away there is a fine small river called Vesterelv, in Varangerbotn, on the road towards Kirkenes (71 km). Even the king of Norwegian salmon rivers you can reach rather easily, the famous Tana river (77 km).

Normally it is no problems to get a fishing card to fish in the rivers, however it is obligatory that you buy it yourself after having arrived here (no prebuying).

Sea fishing
The Varanger fjord is known for its abundance of fish. Fishing from land is free and you don't have to making any kind of registration for fishing in the sea. The waters can be a bit shallow near land, however we can advice our guests on where to go. Copyright © Ekkerøy AS 2002-2020
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