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The position is 70° North and 30° East

Far north - far east

Ekkerøy is situated almost exactly on 70° northern latitude and 30° eastern longitude. The Arctic Ocean ends here on our beaches. It is so far north that the midnight sun is here for a full 68 days. The first day having midnight sun is May 18th and the last day is July 24th. During this period the sun never descend under the horizon and often you may experience a special atmosphere, having no wind and a calm sea. Because of the rather flat landscape in the northern Varanger area, the midnight sun make more of itself here than other places with midnight sun.

For people not being used to all the light 24 hours a day, they may become a bit confused whether it is day or night Some guests staying here, woke up 03.30 in the night and hurried to the bus stop to reach the town bus. Only to discover that it was in the middle of the night and that they had to go back to sleep some hours more.

Ekkerøy being situated on 30° eastern longitude, which is actually 1° further east than Istanbul, situated on the 29th. This means that the sun is at the highest on the sky at 11 am instead of at noon , which is normal for the Norwegian time zone.

Polar nights During the period stretching from November 24th till January 18th the sun doesn't come above the horizon at all, so we don't see the sun in that period; it is the time for polar nights. Only for a couple of hours during mid day you see some beautiful dark blue light towards the south sky.

Aurora Borealis Another light phenomenon which you may see during the winter season is Aurora Borealis or the northern lights. On 70° north we normally are situated inside an electric sky belt which is somewhat south from the North pole, going all the way round the globe, having the North Pole in the centre.

The aurora borealis is activated by certain solar activities, it is a bit unpredictable; so you will have to be observant to experience it. Telephone: (+47) 7894 0010 | Address: Skogholtet 9, N-9800 VADSŲ
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