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Varanger Peninsula National Park

Varanger Peninsula National Park was established in December 2006. The size is more than 2.000 square kilometre, representing a substantial part of the Varanger peninsula.

This peninsula is the part of the Norwegian mainland that best shows signs of a typical arctic nature. The plant life has several arctic elements and the wild life is also special having the nearly eradicated arctic fox and great variation of wading birds.

Making a desperate effort to save the nearly extinct arctic fox, the environment authorities have launched a controversial program trying to eradicate the red fox in this region. The red fox is more adaptable to changes in the environment and a bit of an opportunist.

Due to the lean vegetation you can rather easily see how the landscape was shaped during the glacial period, with huge banks of sand and stones from the ice moving and melting. It is also possible to observe old pitfalls for catching of reindeers and also traces of old settlers tofts back from the Stone Age, approx. 6-7.000 years ago.

When staying in Ekkerøy it is rather easy to come to and go inside the Varanger Peninsula National Park. The landscape is wide and open and you find your way easily. Mostly it is terrain with moors, small lakes and marshes, while a bit higher up it is slopes of naked rock and flagstones. Copyright © Ekkerøy AS 2002-2020
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