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Getting here
Main roads - Finnmark county

Getting here - by car

A suitable and regular way of getting here is by car, giving excellent opportunities to experience the beautiful and shifting nature in Varanger and Finnmark County. The roads in Finnmark hold a fairly good quality standard.

Many tourists coming up here to the top of Europe do not go further east than North Cape. Check the menu to the left to read more about possible travel routes from the west of Finnmark County and to Ekkerøy.

It is possible to combine the car travel with travelling by boat or plane. It will lend variety and new experiences to your journey. It is simpler than you could imagine.

If you already have reached the western part of Finnmark County and wish to travel to the eastern part, you have two routes to choose from: either to travel the coastal route or to travel the inner road over the Finnmark mountain plateau and through the long Tana valley.

From western Finnmark - coastal route For instance, coming from Hammerfest or Nordkapp you drive to Lakselv. If you want to drive the coastal route you choose road no. 98 going to Børselv. On the coastal road the road standard is not quite as high as on the E-roads, but the road is tarred.

You then drive over two beautiful mountain plateaus, the Børselv mountain plateau and the Ifjord mountain plateau. On the route you may also see the head of the fjords of Laksefjord and Tanafjord. The settlements are scarse and make sure you have enough gas for this distance. Eventually you will reach the wide a beautiful Tana valley. (Daetnu in Sapmi language)

From Tana Bru (Tana Bridge) you may choose the road E-6/E-75,going to Varangerbotn, where you choose E-75 to Vadsø. If you then from Vadsø drive 15 km - on the route towards Vardø - you arrive at Ekkerøy. This route is rather varying and gives you at beautiful landscape. Be aware that the gas stations and lodging possibilities are scarce on this route.
From western Finnmark - Sapmi route Travel on these roads:
Alta - Kautokeino * Road no. 93
Kautokeino - Karasjok * Road no. 92 (To reach road no. 92, drive 31 km back from Kautokeino (northwards) on Road no. 93.
Karasjok - Varangerbotn * Road no. E-6
Varangerbotn - Vadsø - Ekkerøy * Road no. E-75

On this route you will see and feel the waste landscape on the Finnmark mountain plateau and the Tana valley. Kautokeino and Karasjok are Sapmi villages and you can see the sapmi culture and way of living. In Kautokeino, Karasjok and Tana Bru there are generally acknowledged crafts centres and silversmiths. Here you can buy products made from ancient crafts and jewellery inspired from Sapmi tradition.

By car - via Finland

If you are coming from countries in Europe and want a fast way getting here by car, the best way is either to travel through Sweden and Northern Finland or through Finland directly. The roads in Sweden along the coast of Bottenviken (E-4) have a fairly high standard.

It is normally most convenient to enter Finland at Tornio, from Haparanda at Swedish side of the border. When going north in Finland you may choose from the following border crossings to Norway, listed from east to west:

Finland Norway
Road no.
Border crossing
Border crossing
Road no.
You reach Finnmark near Kirkenes. The road on the finnish side of the border is somewhat curvy.
You have to drive on a rather narrow road for 45 km on the finnish side of the border - from Utsjoki to Nuorgam.
The best border crossing between Finland and Norway as regard to road quality on both sides. You reach Finnmark in the middle of the Tana valley. In Varangerbotn follow road E-75.
til Karasjok
The distance from the border to Karasjok is 18 km. The road is fairly good.
E-8 -93
til Kautokeino
The distance from the border to Kautokeino is 44 km. The road is good.
til Skibotn
A major border crossing between Finland and Norway. The distance from the border to Skibotn is 40 km. Copyright © Ekkerøy AS 2002-2020
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