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Getting here
Hurtigruten i HonningsvÅg

Getting here - by the coastal express Hurtigruten

If you would like to experience the world's most beautiful sea voyage - with The Costal Express - you may travel any distance between Bergen to Kirkenes. The latest stop on the route before Kirkenes is Vadsø and then it's only 15 km to Ekkerøy.

The coastal Express represents a 100-year-old way of transport here in the north, now using new and luxurious ships. It's an excellent way to travel; you reach your destination while enjoying a relaxing voyage.

You may look on the beautiful coast landscape from the ship and make small visit to towns and villages on the route.

It is easy to take the car with you on the journey; you simply drive the car directly onboard. It will make a nice change from the driving. Look on the extract from the route planner (in the menu to the left) and try to plan an interesting travel for you in Finnmark County.

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