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Old days
Houses today in Været

Old times

Some of the houses in Ekkerøy are built of plank from timber that came from from Arkhangelsk in Russia. Before WW I and the Russian Revolution there was extensive trade between Russia and the county of Finnmark. In the summer time Russian sailing vessels appeared in the Varanger fjord in order to buy fish in exchange with flour and timber which they brought from their settlements at the head of The White Sea.

It is possible to see a mutual influence of style of building in old houses in Ekkeroy and alongside the fjord compared to old wood houses in Arkhangelsk and the nearby countryside.

During WW II the Germans burnt down most of the settlements of Finnmark. Some parts of eastern Finnmark and Ekkeroy were saved and therefore the area has houses that are preservable.

The Varanger fjord is known for Lappish settlements. On the mainland north of Ekeroy there has however been found a woman's grave that indicates Norwegian settlement in early Viking time about 900 AC. The jewellery found in the grave is exhibited at Oldsaksamlingen in Oslo.

The Viking leader Ottar from Halogaland tells in the oldest saga written about Norway that he at the end of 800 AC started at a voyage north and east. According to the description he must have ended up in the White Sea in northern Russia; at the outlet of the river Dvina in the area where we find Arkhangelsk today.

Further near the head of the Varanger fjord it has been found a lot of settlements and working tools from younger and elder Stone Age, up to around 4500 years B.C. Telephone: (+47) 7894 0010 | Address: Skogholtet 9, N-9800 VADSØ
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