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Stue vest

Prices for rent of the Åsta cabin

You rent the whole cabin. The price for one or two persons are NOK 950 per night, 12% VAT included.
If you consider renting for a full week or longer, we give the rebated price of NOK 875 per night (NOK 6.125 for the first week).
The price includes clean bed linnen and towels, heating/hot water, soap, toilet paper.
If 3 persons are to stay in the cabin, an additional NOK 150 is applied, for bed linnen/towels and a fold-out bed

When leaving the cabin, the guests have to vacuum clean the house and wash the dishes.

Prices are in NOK, to convert to your local currency see: - Personal Currency Assistant.

We apologize for not making bookings for a shorter stay than 2 nights.

If you wish to receive more information or want to make a booking, please send us an E-mail to Havhesten
or call us on telephone no. (+47) 90 50 60 80. Telefon: 7894 0010  |   Webmaster
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